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How to generate a proper virtual tour for your property?

How to generate a proper virtual tour for your property?

In this article I would explain everyone how I have managed to sell my house in a record time, with the help of a very easy to use Virtual Tour Software - TourWizard.

The interesting fact about this software solution is that you don't really need to be an expert or a technical gui to understand how it works, wich for me was probably themajor selling point. As  I have used other solutions of this kind in the past I know that it can be very hard to build a virtual tour from scratch, without any experience - but this was not the case with TourWizard.

Now... another interesting fact is that yuou can also put some information about your property in the virtual tour, which again is a major point covered by this software solution, as you won't need to send to your prospects 2 links (1 with the presentation and another one with the actual information related to the property) as you can embed all the necessary info in the virtual tour - great!

Virtual tour preparation for a house

Also keep in mind that there is a common misconception that if you will provide too many photos of your property, the buyers will will not came and actually see the property. In fact, with the more pictures you show and with the clearer image that you build, the chance that a buyer that sees your house and makes the purchase will hugely increase.

Even more, the virtual tours will help the seller or real estate agent to save a lot of time(related to all the questions that a virtual tour will automatically answer)

The most important thing with a virtual tour is the quality of the pictures - as all of them should be dome with a good Photo device, and the resolution should be good enough, as the pictures should show enough detail for the most pretentious of your potential buyers. 

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